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Looking for a career that will excite, challenge and inspire you? Thinking about insurance? Perhaps you should. Working for us is a totally different experience to what you probably expect.
  • Why Zurich

    How do you feel about the things you truly love? Don’t you want to protect them in the best way possible? Imagine if you could help people do this all over the world. You’d give them confidence and reassurance by protecting what they love most.

    This is no easy task. In today’s interconnected world, tackling risk is fast, unpredictable and invigorating. You’ll have to think on your feet as you manage risks big and small, from flooding to cyber crime.

    You’ll be tackling issues like these in over 170 countries. It’s a big challenge, but you’ll have a truly diverse network helping you.

    As part of an international team, Zurich provides opportunities to learn grow and share ideas. You will feel a sense of belonging within a strong and stable company.

    We’ve been a highly-reputed player since 1872. In an institution like ours, your development and long term plans would be well and truly taken care of.

    So make a difference now! Be challenged. Be inspired. Be a part of something bigger. Love what you do. Come and join us.

    One team. One Zurich.

    To meet the changing needs and expectations of customers, we're constantly adapting and transforming our operations and the way we do things for our customers so we can be there for them when they need us.

    Whether you are upcoming talent, an experienced leader or a top professional, Zurich can help you build your capabilities, realize your professional potential and satisfy your desire to make a difference. You'll have access to a set of tools to help develop your skills, share your knowledge and adapt best practices to keep you market focused and outcome oriented.

    Through both your individual and team contributions, you can help deliver outstanding performance for all of Zurich's stakeholders, providing you with many opportunities for recognition and reward.

    Strong history, dynamic future

    Since 1872, Zurich has continued to grow to where it is today – a global insurer with a network employing 55,000 people serving customers in more than 170 countries.

    Diversity & inclusion

    Respectful work environment

    Our Group's code of conduct outlines a set of key behaviors to guide and inspire all our employees in day-to-day routine around the globe.
    Zurich Basics is built around the recognition that everything we do is in accordance with the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.
    It defines how we do business consistent with our five basic values:

    • Integrity
    • Customer centricity
    • Teamwork
    • Excellence
    • Sustainable value creation

    Together with the Zurich Commitment, Zurich Basics forms the ethical foundation of our company and governs our behavior towards our customers, stakeholders, shareholders, our peers and our environment.


    People are Zurich’s most important asset. We empower diverse talent, benefiting from different perspectives and ideas that mirror our customers. This isn’t just a nice to have, it is a business imperative. We work on the fundamentals to equip our leaders and employees with knowledge and capability to leverage diversity and inclusion to positively impact the customer, shareholder and employee experience.

    Go the extra mile when it matters

    Charity & volunteering

    From serving customers to working for the good of local and global communities, Zurich people have created a culture of going the extra mile.

    When you join Zurich, you'll join a community of people who play a responsible and caring role within our communities. Throughout the organization and across the world, many people devote time, money and energy to supporting others.

    People who care

    Ask employees around the world what makes Zurich different and the typical response is 'the people'. Our customers everywhere have experienced the care with which our people respond to their plight in catastrophic situations.

    There are many strong examples of Zurich and its people 'being there' for customers and the community.

  • Key Functions of Zurich

    Zurich Insurance Group offers many rewarding career opportunities for talented professionals. We are committed to your career development and ongoing education. So, if you decide to further your career in another role, business unit or country, we will help you with the appropriate training to get there.

    Demand is always strong for talented people with valuable skills over a wide spectrum, particularly the core insurance roles: Actuaries, Claims Specialists and Underwriters. Of course, what is right for you will depend on your expertise and personal interests. Here are some possible routes you could take at Zurich:


    Product underwriting

    Underwriting is the process of evaluating risk, and it’s therefore up to our underwriters to decide whether a risk is one that we are willing to insure and what we should be charging for it. Underwriting provides essential technical knowledge and expertise that helps us remain profitable.

    Market underwriting

    Market underwriters identify and evaluate the risks and exposure levels of potential customers. They decide whether to insure a risk and, if so, for what premium. Our market-facing underwriters define our go-to market strategy and are responsible for quoting to our customers and ultimately closing a deal. By setting limits on our risk exposure, they make sure that the premiums we charge are profitable and correspond to the level of risk.


    Our Claims function is critical to ensuring we deliver a first-class service to our customers efficiently, professionally and with empathy. Our claims handlers deal with a whole range of situations, from stolen cars to flood-damaged businesses, and need to be able to work quickly with our customers to provide support at an often-stressful time.

    Business Change & IT

    Business Change & IT provides high quality support and expertise to our Life and General Insurance businesses. The team uses their expertise to deliver first-class project governance and IT assurance to our Life and General Insurance businesses, contributing to future success and growth. BC&IT plays an integral role in driving our businesses’ strategic priorities while also ensuring our systems are secure, stable and simple.


    Finance has a wider remit at Zurich than in many organisations as it encompasses Financial Controlling, Risk and Controls and tax. Using their expertise and business insights, our Finance teams help us deliver our financial plans.


    The work of our talented and specialist actuarial team underpins nearly everything we do. From product development to financial management, the teams are responsible for a range of strategic decision-making initiatives. We have team in our Life Insurance business, spanning both Finance and Underwriting, with exciting opportunities for career development.

    Risk Engineering

    Risk selection, pricing and improvement are fundamental to the success of Zurich. To do this effectively requires specialist expertise and understanding of the industries our customers operate in and the hazards to which they are exposed. Zurich’s in-house Risk Engineering team provide that expertise, which is something that sets us apart in the eyes of our customers.


    Our Marketing function is a dynamic and creative environment covering a number of areas that focus on delivering high quality communications for our business. Our marketing professionals engage across all parts of the Zurich business and with external partners.

    Supporting Functions

    Human Resources

    In any organisation, people are the most effective agents of growth, renewal and inspiration. Making sure that Zurich has the people, the talents and the skills to make it succeed today and tomorrow is the work of Human Resources. The team works with each area of the business to meet its people needs locally, and to ensure a globally consistent approach to sourcing, managing, developing and motivating our people.

    Risk management, Legal and Compliance

    As a general insurer, Zurich is subject to strict financial services regulations. Zurich has established robust systems and controls to ensure it meets its regulatory obligations. It is the responsibility of Risk management, Legal and Compliance to provide assurance of their effectiveness. The teams perform a wide range of advisory and monitoring activity, working closely with the business, to provide senior management with assurance that the control framework is operating effectively and remains fit for purpose.

  • Be Someone's Hero. Protect what people love

    Experienced professionals

    At Zurich, we aim to be the place that brings out the best in us and build a culture where we deliver results, inspire trust and confidence, show compassion and make a difference to those around us.

    Who are we looking for?

    Zurich is a company for those of you who love

    • Experiences that will inspire, excite, challenge thinking and drive accountability and empowerment.
    • Fostering a culture of decency and respect through shared learning and diverse thinking.
    • Having an impact where ethical standards and values drive organizational behavior and where how means as much as why.
    • A strong enterprise built on enduing values and focuses on longevity providing the stability needed for long term career development.


      What you will discover within Zurich!
      • We believe in the power of two-way communication where expectations are clear and employees are empowered.
      • We, as Zurichers, believe in the company and in one another.
      • Zurich is where decisions are made based on the combination of goal, judgment, knowledge and open sharing of ideas.
      • External environment is a constant factor in decisions and actions.
      • Opportunity, pay and promotions are based on performance and results.
      • Results are recognized and celebrated as the true measure of success.
  • Bringing out the best in you

    Learning and development

    Learning Opportunities

    We believe that supporting individual growth and development puts us in the best position to deliver for our customers. Regardless of our role or organizational level, everyone has the right to realize their upmost potential. Zurich provides access to a range of development opportunities, ranging from short courses targeting specific skills, a full suite of virtual and distance learning through to management, leadership and talent programmes.

    In Zurich, employees are encouraged to take charge of their development!


    Performance management

    Our global performance management system ensures a consistent approach to managing employee’s performance and development. It supports the alignment of individual and business objectives where clear direction and goals are set. 

    Career development

    Expand your experience

    Zurich recognizes that engagement and empowerment creates a powerful force in ensuring the success of our organisation.

    That is why, at Zurich, we want to help you turn your knowledge into insights and develop you so that you are at your best potential! We believe that every employee brings along a unique set of knowledge and skills.


    Corporate responsibility

    Corporate responsibility is a key ingredient of our strategy. It is about sustainable value creation, one of our core values. We aim to create sustainable value for each of our main stakeholder groups by addressing certain environmental, social and governance issues. Our seven focus areas are:

    • Helping communities reduce the impact of floods
    • Investing financial assets responsibly
    • Ensuring responsible and sustainable business practices
    • Investing in communities
    • Taking care of the environment
    • Responsible sourcing and procurement
    • Diversity and inclusion

    Competitive compensation

    At Zurich, we are committed to providing competitive total compensation opportunities that attract, retain, motivate and reward our people to deliver outstanding performance in the eyes of our customers and shareholders. Our compensation philosophy is an integral part of our offering to employees. We have a clearly defined performance management process which supports our overall business strategy and plans and links individual pay with business and personal performance. This is delivered through the compensation framework overseen by the Group Executive Committee and the Remuneration Committee of the Board.

    Our clearly defined global performance management process aligns with and supports our global business strategy & plans while also linking individual pay with business and personal performance.

    You can expect to be offered competitive, total compensation opportunities in line with our expectation that you will create value in the eyes of our customers and shareholders.

Career opportunities