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Proactive protection for your business

Our global network of industry expert and experienced Risk Engineers can give your business an edge, by helping you to manage your risks more effectively at every step across your risk management cycle.

Your benefits

  • We will work together with you and provide meaningful insights based on our experience of your industry, helping you to efficiently and effectively manage your risks and prevent losses.
  • Using our understanding of your business, we will provide tailored and flexible solutions that empower you to manage your risk improvement actions, make informed decisions and optimize your risk improvement budgets.
  • We will give you online access to all of your risk assessment and exposure data – increasing transparency, providing valuable insights and helping you to visualize, understand and manage the risks you face.
  • Our suite of interactive powerful risk management tools makes your life easier throughout the risk management process, and helps us to work closely with you and shares valuable risk insights.
  • We will give you the same consistent high level of service around the world. All of our Risk Engineers undergo extensive, ongoing and consistent training the Zurich way.
  • Our extensive global experience means you can feel confident that our solutions are fully compliant with local regulations, legislation, customs and culture.

Our global network

  • We have over 75 years of risk engineering experience.
  • We have 900 risk professionals with industry expertise operating in over 40 countries.
  • Our Risk Engineers carry out 60,000 customer risk assessments every year.
  • Our Risk Engineers speak the local language, and are familiar with the country’s customs, regulations and risk management practices.
  • We manage over 800+ international Risk Engineering programs globally.

Our risk management process

Our risk management approach uses a process of continuous improvement that starts with us understanding your business and identifying the associated risks. We will then assess and grade your exposures, helping you to prioritize and manage your risks. Our findings will allow us to share insights based on best practice, industry benchmarks and loss history, and suggest risk improvement actions. The process then begins again – ensuring you always have an effective loss prevention strategy and pragmatic improvement actions in place.
  • Tools
  • High Level Products and Service Families


    • Property (fire, security) risk assessments
    • Natural Hazard risk assessments
    • Highly Protected Risk (HPR) assessments
    • Machinery Breakdown risk assessments
    • Risk Grading and Benchmarking
    • Business Interruption risk assessments


    • General, Product and Environmental risk assessments
    • Risk Grading and Benchmarking
    • Contractor Liability risk assessments

    Marine risk analysis

    • Cargo Packing
    • Container Stow and Load
    • Supply Chain Security
    • Marine Terminal Operations
    • Project Cargo risk management
    • Post Loss assessments

    Strategic risk

    • Supply Chain risk assessment and mapping
    • Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) services
    • Business Interruption Modeling
    • Zurich Hazard Analysis™ (ZHA)
    • Total Risk Profiling® (TRP workshops)
    • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • Diagnostic Assessment and Consulting
    • Zurich Velocity ERM software
  • Case studies


    Lanxess AG, one of the leading specialty chemical groups in Germany, took over three rubber production units in Brazil. To achieve global standards in operational practices around fire protection and process safety, they asked Zurich Risk Engineering to identify areas for improvement and for help to create an action plan.

    Zurich Risk Engineering also carried out operator training and risk reduction sessions. Overall safety at the sites improved significantly as a result.


    With Zurich we have a very open and cooperative atmosphere and dialogue with lively and positive discussions.

     Lanxess AG


    Zurich Japan has had a long relationship with IKEA.

    Almost immediately after the tragic earthquake on March 11th, 2011, IKEA contacted Hisashi, our Risk Engineer from Zurich’s Tokyo office, asking for support in assessing their affected stores and assistance in resuming operations.

    Despite public transportation having not yet fully recovered from the earthquake, Hisashi used a combination of his personal bicycle as well as taxis to reach the sites, complete thorough assessments with accompanying reports, all within a few days.


    His personal and professional commitment allowed IKEA to reopen for business quickly and reduce financial impact.


Risk Engineering courses

Our risk engineering courses enable your employees to benefit from the same best-in-class training as our own experts.

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