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Fair Dealing

Zurich's Commitment to Fair Dealing

At Zurich, we pride ourselves in keeping you, our customer, at the center of all our priorities. We are dedicated to offering quality service to our customers, which are in accordance with the Fair Dealing Guidelines issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We reinforce our steadfast commitment by practicing the 5 Fair Dealing principles:

  • To maintain Fair Dealing as central to our corporate culture at Zurich
  • To offer products and services suitable for our customers as an individual
  • To deliver clear, relevant and timely information to our customers for them to make informed financial decisions
  • To resolve customer's concerns and feedback independently, promptly and effectively

We have established a core culture which focuses on your experience here at Zurich. We value every aspect of your interactions with us, from the mode of communication to the products that have been designed for your protection. With these in mind, we strive to continuously improve our business procedures, while simultaneously reviewing the quality of our products and services.