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Making the most of your captive

A captive is a subsidiary set up by its parent company and acts as a direct insurer or reinsurer for that company. The primary purpose of a captive is to reduce the total cost of risk and acts as an enabler to take better-informed risk-taking decisions.

There are two major types of captives: single parent and group.

Today, more and more companies are exploring the many benefits of including both non-life and life risks in their captive programs. As an industry leader in captive services, Zurich draws on more than 30 years of experience to help you realize the benefits of your captive. Our services encompass life, non-life and consolidated captive services.

International know-how, infrastructure and flexibility

With more than 200 single parent captive customers and over 400 captive fronting programs, we have the expertise, global structures and processes to help you to implement solid captive solutions across borders. Our global solutions and network capabilities help you to establish and manage captives, whether single-parent, group, agency, cell or program.

Using a captive brings valuable benefits for multinational companies:

  • Cost control: By creating a single, holistic platform for risk management, captives can improve cash flow management and investment returns. A captive’s ability to provide additional capacity and to control the type and level of risk it retains versus risk transferred to commercial insurers is very valuable, in both a hard and soft insurance market.
  • Better decisions: With a consistent overview of exposures and risk information, you can make better informed strategic risk management decisions.
  • Broader knowledge: A captive can help you increase awareness and knowledge of your risks, regarding governance and compliance issues around the globe.
  • Transparency: Consolidating risks into a captive can help in responding to regulatory demands for high levels of transparency.

Our captive services

Zurich has been recognized for the excellence of its captive services:

  • Consolidation of general and life insurance – unique to Zurich
  • Corporate Risk Insurance Sharing System
  • Feasibility studies
  • Loss portfolio transfer
  • Management of reinsurance agreements
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Tailor-made captive aggregates

Download our Captive Guide

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